Reviews from Clients 

My sister and I went to see Josh to contact her husband. I went for moral support and ended up having my soul exposed. It was unsettling and hard to hear. He is no bullshit and straight to the point which I appreciated! It was also insanely accurate and needed to be heard. He helped me in coping with these challenges. I am completely blown away. I have a list of people including myself I will bring back!
— Sara Sandy
I had a session with Josh last night and today, I’m still in awe. It was real, it was raw and it has opened my eyes and my soul to things that I must do in order to grow and revolutionize my world. Josh is so kind, so knowledgeable and so wonderful in the way that he breaks things down in order for you to truly understand what the universe and the spirits are telling you. The way he explained things made them so relatable and the beautiful pictures he painted with words made this session such a gift for me. Sometimes the truth is a bitter pill to swallow but Josh takes the time to help you see that nothing will change if you fear what’s outside your comfort zone. Let him save you. Let him guide you. Let him open your eyes to the divine world that lives inside each of us. Thank you my friend for the beautiful, soul awakening journey you took me on last night.
— Krista Girard
I had an amazing experience with josh, I was a little scared at the start because I wasn’t too sure on what to expect but I instantly felt comfortable. One of the first things josh said to me, was the complete truth, and I was on the verge of crying, I was in so much shock. One of the many great things about Josh’s readings is that he records it, so you can listen to it as much as you want, and experience it again and again. Josh’s reading made me feel calm and at ease, it gave me so much relief , and I honestly can’t stop thinking about it. I highly recommend josh. Thank you again, Josh.
— Hayley Gangell
A couple months ago I lost my husband in a tragic freak accident. We were married 10 years and together for 12. To say that I have struggled on a daily basis is an understatement. Last night I was able to sit down with Josh and speak with my husband, through Josh. I can’t even explain how absolutely spot on everything he said was. Down to tiny little details and even inside jokes that I knew my husband was bringing through just to try and make me smile, because that’s the way he was. None of what was discussed, Josh could have known beforehand. If you are struggling with any aspect of your life, go see Josh. I promise you that you will walk away with answers and even direction as to what you need to do to for your future. He will not sugar coat anything but sometimes we need the hard truths to begin to heal and move on. Thank you my friend 💜 Your gift is truly amazing and I’m thankful for you.
— Bernie Thayer Sandillo
My husband and I had a Rune Reading with Josh, and everything he told us was right on. He gave us clarity to some difficult issues. I will definitely work with him again, and I highly recommend his readings and workshops!!
— Loretta Stride
My experience with Josh was beyond amazing! I had a medium session that brought me so much peace and comfort. It was the best conversation of my life. I will be going back to see him soon! Thank you again for helping me grieve and giving me the chance to hear from my loved one again. I was truly meant to meet you and thankful for your amazing gift. See you soon!!
— Emshika Alberini
Had my first Rune reading !
Josh is very good at explaining what a Rune Reading is and it’s history. I found it fascinating!
He has a gentle spirit that puts one at ease throughout the reading!
I left the session with a lot of information I will need to process and think about.
Excited about my next meeting with Josh!
— Shirley Garrity
Highly recommended! Had a great reading with Josh and plan to go back sometime soon.
Wonderful Experience!
Thank you Josh!
— Carol Ann Roy
I highly recommend anyone to get a reading done. I was amazed by his accuracy an inspirational insight. I thank you so much for everything. You really helped in more ways than one. I am so grateful for your help. So glad you an Issac opened your store in Littleton. I dare to dream and live them.
— June Blake
Was an amazing experience! And gave me guidance. He did not let me feed him information like many of the fakes do. He stopped me from telling him too much. Provided a detailed reading, an hour was not long enough!!
— Alexandria Ashley-Rose
Josh is very good at explaining what hes doing, for being on a phone reading it felt like I wasnt missing out on anything. He is very comforting even in delivering the things tgat are harder to process through or accept. I recommend him highly and can not wait to speak with him again!
— Meaghan Gagnon
I received a reading about three weeks ago, Josh was pretty spot on! He recommended working with my pendulum more, which I have and it’s becoming much easier these days. Yesterday I was contemplating on going to work or not so I asked my pendulum. It told me I should go to work. Good thing I did! I was pulled into the office that day with some potentially good news about my future with the company! I highly recommend Josh, nice and easy vibes :)
— Ann Dunbar
My experience with Josh was truly thought provoking and revealed a few things about myself that I wasn’t aware of but knew to be true as soon as they were spoken. I’ve been thinking about aspects of the reading ever since. I would highly recommend Josh if you are looking for self-insight.
— Amy Delventhal
I loved my reading with Josh, his approach is unique and he has such beautiful energy.
Thank you again!
— Cathy Patrizio
I came across Josh’s page through Facebook, I consider myself a pretty spiritual person, extremely overly sensitive to negative energy! Like many I have highs but also lows. About three years ago when I hit an all time low, I reached out to a physic, mainly at first for “ha-ha’s”, but she provided me with so much relief! Brought back a great positive energy! After feeling good for sometime, I was hit with yet another wave of low due to occurring events! I started to create a cloud of doubt, question my experience all together with the psychic! I reached out to Josh yesterday via messenger with at that point a biased view on spiritual healing/work. He was extremely professional, explaining to me basically that not everyone is a “10” but not in a demeaning way! He guided me to read through his website, to get an understanding of what he does, I agreed to an hour session which occurred last night. I was completely 100 percent blown away! Not only did I find better peace to my situation but my doubts were immediately squashed! The experience was AMAZING! Definitely well worth it, and I am looking forward to more readings down the road!
— Heather Lyn Girouard
I had an amazing session yesterday with my sister! we learned a lot about ourselves and the loved ones that are still hanging around in spirit! Brought me some peace surrounding my husbands passing and my sister also learned a lot about many many things affecting her self and spirit. we were in a daze after! Josh and Isaac we’re beyond sweet and welcoming while not sugar coating any of the messages we needed to hear! we will surely be visiting them again!! so grateful for our experiences!
— Michelle Ebbs
I had an amazing reading the other day with Josh! I left with so much information that I needed and validation on a lot going on in my life. He was spot on and I highly recommend him to anyone! I know I’m looking forward to the next time I can have another reading. It was truly amazing 💜 thank you Josh!
— Kayla Bisson
In a simple sentence, Josh is exceptional. This was my first rune reading and he explained everything thoroughly. Josh was completely understanding and compassionate about different aspects of my reading. I’m excited to see where his guidance will take me and look forward to my next reading. If you haven’t made your appointment with Josh yet, I would strongly recommend you do so! Thank you so much Josh!
— Krysta Correia
I had a reading yesterday and he brought up so many little things that he knew nothing about in my life. We met for the very first time yesterday. I was amazed at how much he was able to reveal to me!! He was spot on on most of it!! Thanks Josh!!!!
— Kimberly Cole
My husband and I did a group reading session. Josh Simonds thoroughly explained what takes place during a Rune Reading. Neither of us have ever experienced a Rune Reading and Josh Simonds better explained the history behind it. We both went with an open-minded and learned a lot coming out of this reading. It was a lot of already known knowledge of ourselves and knowledge presented to help us improve ourselves individually as well as to strengthen ourselves as a couple. I would highly recommend giving Josh Simonds a chance to read the Runes for you!
— Patricia Mach
Josh is a very awesome guy who explains how it works and what he is going to do. As my wife stated we did a couple’s reading and much of what was for me resonated with what I was feeling and what I suspected. He is a very understanding and calm person and highly recommend him for guys as well.
— Josh Mach
I have a had many different styles of readings before though nothing quite like a reading with Psychic Medium Josh Simonds. WOW!!! Josh emanates a genuine care for one’s well being. In my experience this is a rare yet essential quality for people who do this type of work. That is what makes Josh particularly Authentic. His readings are uniquely palpable. Josh has a soft, yet direct way of delivering the messages from the runes. This reading opened my heart to the fundamental healing that needed to take place in order for me to be free. I would highly recommend a reading with Josh to anyone looking for accurate guidance on any topic. Be prepared to get REAL HONEST with yourself.
— Christina Sovie
My mother, aunt and I recently had a session with Josh in hopes of connecting with my mom’s fiancé that tragically passed away recently. We have no doubts that Josh absolutely connected with him. He mentioned very specific details far beyond anything he could’ve possibly known beforehand. He was very easy to speak to and made us all feel extremely comfortable. Josh has an amazing ability and we’re so happy with the session we had. He comes highly recommended by all three of us. Thank you, Josh! We’ll be back in the future!
— Savannah Mitton
Josh was able to give me a very validated reading. Being a medium myself it is easy to sense someone trying to fudge their way through. Josh has the real deal gift. I had a large weight lifted from my heart after hearing the great guidance and validations provided. I highly recommend him to anyone!
— Lisa Skidgel
I just had a wonderful reading from Josh. He gave me some incredible insights and I would highly recommend his services. He has a true gift and doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear or fish for information. I will definitely be a return customer.
— Saga Shuvani
I have had a eye opening experience with Josh that was so deep and on point I’m unmeasurably thankful for the experience shared and where my life will go. I would say to anyone that is even thinking about seeing Josh should wait no longer. Go do it! The universe is powerful and it came to light even after the reading and continued with me after I left my reading. There are no words, just amazement. This is something I will do again. If you have any question that it might give you insight, don’t brush it off, face it!
— Rachel Crowe
i had a reading done by Josh and it was life changing. Not only did we discuss important aspects of my life that need to be attended to, I was able to connect with my spiritual side. I can’t wait to have another reading!
— Leani Lopez
Josh has an amazing gift, not only did he make me feel at ease he provided many powerful messages that I needed to hear in order to help with my personal, spiritual and physical growth. I would strongly recommend Josh time and time again. His reading was right on and very accurate ,I found him to be a very caring man as well. Thanks again Josh.
— Ginni Boulet
During my reading with Josh, he picked up on some very personal things that I tend to keep hidden from the world. Going in, I really had no questions, and no expectations of what would happen. I now have work to do. I have many expectations and questions of myself. All very good things to explore and experience. Thank you Josh. for opening my eyes.
— Kathy Young
Josh is very gifted, he has given me clarity no one else ever has, his accuracy is right on point, you leave there knowing more about yourself than when you walked in, i highly recommend Josh, you will not get this kind of reading anywhere else, i still have goosebumps 24 hours later. he helps you in so many ways, you gotta experience a reading from him to know just how in depth he goes, no sugarcoating just the truth.
— Charlene McKay Perry
Thank you Josh for my reading and the continuous knowledge you share with me.
You’ve helped with much needed direction as well as the courage to take the first step.
I give you a 10 out of 10!
— Heather Holycross
Josh did a reading with me just before Christmas - my first time connecting with Josh. We connected via video chat and it was very informative and insightful. Looking forward to future connections - Josh truly has a gift!! Thank you!
— Karen Schlegel
I had a rune reading with Josh and it was an eye opening experience. He was easy to be with and explained the reading thoroughly. Being introverted I was initially uncomfortable thinking about how this would go. I had nothing to fear. He was truly informative. I knew something was wrong with my flow of energy, and now it has been explained. I’m hopeful that with this knowledge I can work on this and better myself. Thank you Josh. I will certainly recommend you, and plan on returning in the future.
— Micki Vashaw
I must say this was by far one of the best readings I’ve had in a very long time! He was on point and right about everything, he even picked up on my deceased grandma and her smoking! I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you so much for my reading! I’ll be connecting with you again in the near future!!!
— Cici Sanchez
Absolutely amazing and such an eye opining experience. Right away I felt very calm and welcomed. I highly recommended Josh!!!! Can’t wait to continue my spiritual journey with his guidance!!
— Jennifer Walsh
I walked away happy.
I had a reading with Josh last night. Being spiritual myself, It was definitely one of the best readings I’ve ever had. He picked up on things and confirmed stuff about myself that only I would know. These are personal things that I’ve been struggling within myself and hearing him say them out loud and bring them to my attention was just mind blowing!! He’s kind and funny and straight forward!! He put my mind at ease. I just adore him! Talking to him felt as if I’d known him forever. Not only am I pleased with my reading I feel as if I made a new friend!! I highly recommend Josh he’s the real deal!!!
— Nikki Nasca
He’s very insightful, and helpful. Made me see things in a whole new light!!
— Brenda Sue Tiffany
I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful my experience with Josh was. He opened my eyes to issues hidden deep within my soul. He made me feel human again. Some things weren’t the easiest to hear, but the truth hurts, for sure. It took about a week for me to finally understand what needed to change in my life after my meeting with Josh. Since, I feel amazing. Can’t even put it into words!
— Danielle Stone
I had a reading with Josh yesterday and it was a great experience.. he was very insightful, warm and it was a very relaxed atmosphere.. he had great clarity in where I would be going what I had gone through.. I traveled 96 miles for my reading and it was well worth it. I highly recommend a reading .. and I feel like I’ve made two new friends. Much love and God bless from this girl.
— Carolyn Christelles
Bought my husband and daughter a family reading. Josh is the type of person who makes you feel comfortable right away. He was able to tap into some important aspects and really clarified and also validated. We will be back! Next time individual readings! Highly recommend fir men and women!
— Valerie Gallagher
Josh was truly amazing! I would highly recommend a reading with Josh..I was very thrilled and Shocked at what my reading told me... it was so true. I can’t wait to sit with Josh again and have another rune reading!
— Annette Thurston
Josh Simonds is the real deal. He is kind and caring and really wants to help you in your journey. He was spot on!
— Johanna Blaisdell Ghossein
If you’re looking to hear some truthful words, Josh Simonds is someone to reach out to, for he is very skillful in readings. His objective translations will give you clairvoyance in any area of your life in which you are actively seeking.
— Kate Hunter
I had an amazing reading with Josh and highly recommend him. Very straightforward and in depth.
— Laurie Taylor Gilman
I had never had a rune reading done before. Josh explained the process and it was most interesting. I would describe Josh as a very genuine soul. He said things that I could not have expected and he was spot on. I would recommend a reading by Josh to anyone. It is a great experience, whether you are told positive or negative things, you leave with a sense of awe and know what you need to work on. I look forward to my next reading.
— Sherry Pierson Sidney
I’ve had readings before but never a Rune reading. Josh explained the Runes and his process very well and what came through in the reading was powerful and reinforced insights I have known intuitively. Josh’s delivery of information -positive or negative - is caring, genuine and real. He follows up with an email outlining the runes meanings from your reading and a recording so you can continue to absorb all the information that comes through in your session. Highly recommend.
— Julia Brabec

“I really enjoyed the time I spent with Josh! It was an awesome experience and it helped me better understand/work on some things in my life that I’ve been burying. I can’t wait to have another reading done by him!” ~ Ashley Silva

“I was a little skeptical about the Rune reading but, I was very happy to get the information and help this reading gave me. I will definitely be there for another very soon!” ~ Patty Hammond

“This was my first reading with the runes, but have had other readings before... I learned a lot about myself and took a lot with me from this reading. I can say I will be back again!” ~ Ashley Kristin Hayward

“I had my first reading with Josh a couple weeks ago. He was so nice and explained the Runes & what he was going to do. I've had several readings before but nothing like what Josh did. I am definitely looking forward to my next reading.” ~ Deb Charland

“He was wonderful. Please try this at least once it will blow your mind. Thank you Josh..I'll be back probably sooner than later!” ~ Tricia Silva

“My reading with Josh was amazing and a true awakening for me. I highly recommend that anyone who is seeking assistance searching for answers or even if you're just curious, that you book an appointment with Josh. You will not walk away disappointed.” ~ Phoebe Carlisle

“Josh was great! Super nice guy! Loved doing the rune reading with him! I left there with a lot o think about in my life and some changes I was going to make happen!” ~ Bobbie Roy

“My session with Josh was so incredibly eye-opening and real. Although what he had to tell me was hard to hear, Josh was so kind and he was so easy to talk to. I would recommend Josh to anyone.” ~ Devon Lamarre

“You were very insightful and knew things about me you couldn't possibly have know just by looking at me. I left feeling more balanced and sure of myself & my path than I have in a long time. Thank you!” ~ Erica Smith

“SO intriguing. You knew things that no one else does. Thank-you for your insight Josh!” ~ Tammy Lou

“Enjoyed my reading with Josh! Very insightful! Right on about a few things!” ~ Penny Wakefield

“Josh just gave me an incredible reading today. Amazing! Thanks again, Josh!” ~ Cara Gilman

“It's hard to put into words how my reading with Josh has helped me. It was my first rune reading and he explained the process to me. It truly helped to put my past in the past. I have a peace now that I have not had in quite some time.” ~ Tim Connolly

“What an amazing experience. I learned so much about myself and walked away with a better understanding of things. I can not thank Josh enough for his kindness during my session. I am a warrior, not a worrier.” ~ Amanda Aspinall

“First and foremost I want to say that Josh is a long time friend. He has always been as he is now but has definitely become more refined with age and increase of knowledge. The day of the reading he gave was to be but a meeting of two old friends who had not met up in years to chat over beverages but (unbeknownst to Josh) the fact I was getting a reading was revealed to me the night before in a dream. He was unaware he was giving a reading until he got prompting to do so by forces other than myself at the meeting. His reading both shocked and uplifted the two of us. It was accurate in the things that it showed him to be current and as I recently found out held true for things that were revealed to him for my future and help me know the things that are occurring are right and are for me I never really write reviews but it was important for me to share with you the blessing that is his gift and authenticate for you my experience. My faith in his calling was only further solidified by the accuracy and raw honesty of the rune reading that I was blessed with that day. Thanks again, Josh!!!” ~ Theresa Wheeler

“Very insightful. Went with a specific question in mind and left with a specific answer. Enjoyed an hour of Reiki after with the Green Mountain Mage.” ~ Dawn Lambert

“I really liked Josh's rune reading. He had some very unique insights, and what set it all apart was how thorough and professional the whole experience was. I've been to many intuitives, and Josh goes above and beyond a typical reading. He spent a full 60 minutes. I also promptly received a full recording of my reading, as well as a written recap of the runes I pulled and their meanings. Josh has a good energy and provided me with much to think about. I waited a few months to write my review, and I find I'm still reflecting on and growing from the insights I gained from my reading. Highly recommended!” ~ Teresa Tupaj Wood

“I would encourage anyone to treat themselves to a rune reading by Josh. My experience was nothing short of amazing and I found his direct manner to be intensely personal. He's the real deal and I will be visiting again soon. Thank you, Josh.” ~ Barb Kiraly

“While I use runes and other divination tools, it is always difficult to do a reading for yourself. Josh did an amazing job for me! He is intuitive, direct and kind in his approach. Without any possible way of knowing what was going on in my life, his message was direct and filled with references of specifics that I recognized in my situation. His guidance gave me several practical things that I need to take action on. Thank you so much for your insights!” ~ Maya Manseau

“Wow...I don't know what else to say. I never expected to pull the runes that I did and putting both Josh and I at a loss for words for a few moments. Even with my new enlightened information Josh made me feel right at home and comfortable. So easy to talk to and genuine. I highly recommend Josh, you won’t be sorry.” ~ Pamela Powers

“Excellent experience! Carefully explained, thank you Josh for your insight. Highly recommended and I will be back!!” ~ Heidi Vaughn

“So insightful, sensitive and thoughtful in his work. A reading with Josh was like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. So helpful! I highly recommend it!” ~ Melissa Storella Sheehan

“I read runes and have a great relationship with and understanding of them, so I was excited to have Josh do a reading for me. He was very welcoming and did a great job of explaining his process, as well as the information he received. He didn’t assume that because I am familiar with runes that he didn’t need to say much. I received the same attention and care that anyone would, which I appreciate. He gave me a copy of the reading and also followed up by email, reminding me of the information he gave me. (This is always good, as people often forget parts of their readings.) He provided me with some very interesting information and helped reinforce some matters that have been on my mind, I felt the space with him was safe and that I was cared about. I would absolutely have a reading with him again and encourage others to try as well.” ~ Tina Gilson

“Insightful, accurate and surprisingly specific. Thoroughly enjoyed my reading and will definitely go back!” ~ Jennifer Donovan

“My reading was amazing. I chose to go because I knew it was time to face things I had put off dealing with. Josh showed me I could do what needed to be done and despite the work ahead, the rewards would be great. Now I feel I can move emotionally and physically to heal myself, be myself and find my strength again. Thank you Josh for helping me see myself better.” ~ Elaine Kester Rentz

“Had my first reading today and it will not be my last! Josh is professional, understanding and accurate. He delivers the information in a direct, but tactful manner. As someone who gets readings often, I can say that he is the "real deal" and I highly recommend him!” ~ Catherine Postier

“Wow- if you haven't heard about Josh Simonds yet - you soon will. He's the talk of the town!!! How did you do that Josh? Un Freakin Believable.” ~ Sharri Stafford

He was right on and knew many things about my past present and future. He is for sure the real deal. I look forward to my next session with Josh!” ~ Katelyn Mosher

“I was expecting a light-hearted take on where and who I am and who my next romantic adventure will be with. What I received was a deep, emotional, intense connection with my past, with my relationship with my parents and theirs with each other, and ways this has affected my life choices. Thank you, Josh, for the insights and I look forward to working with you again.” ~ Mary Northrop

“I had a session done with Josh on Halloween. In that short time he really nailed quite a few things that have happened in my past, going on presently, and gave me some great insight into my possible future. The insight is what I valued most since it will help me along in my path. He definitely has a keen and impressive intuition. Definitely the real deal! ;) I highly recommend Josh. I doubt you'll be disappointed! I look forward to more opportunities to see him.” ~ Rebecca DuBois

“I did a Rune reading with Josh on Halloween. It was insightful, moving & it opened my world up. The life changes made since the reading are still blowing my mind. Josh has a gift and I'm so glad he's sharing it. Thank you, Josh!” ~ Angie Low-Ryder

"Josh is the real deal!! Very professional and welcoming. He explained the process well which was comforting and relaxing. I had never met Josh prior to my reading yet he was spot on accurate. Incredibly intuitive. Very kind and sensitive when offering information that was less than positive. Offered guidance for my own well being and for some that I love. He will definitely raise your self-awareness and open your mind. I highly recommend! I will definitely be back!" ~ Sheila Keach

“Josh was very accurate. He "nailed "some key issues that I have been dealing with or working on. Thank you Josh for giving me some different direction and insight.” ~ Nancy Simano

“Josh made me feel comfortable and at ease the whole time. He was spot on with everything he read from me. I highly recommend him and the experience.” ~ Ginnie Hawkins Cloutier

“You're so kind, sensitive & spot on with your reading for me on Halloween, it was great, never had one done before so was really exciting. Thanks so much for your kind words & advice.” ~ Tracy Lee Dukette

“It catches me off guard when people can "see" things that I don't make known. But that's what he did. He saw what I'd bottled up long ago and hidden from the world. Validation was spot on. You have a gift, my friend. Feed it. I will be seeing you again.” ~ Melissa Nelson

“He was spot on. He saw things that my mind and body have been telling me that I had been ignoring for some time. The reading validated what I have been feeling/thinking and leaving me a bit emotional. Definitely will want to do it again soon.” ~ Donald-John Nelson

“Right to the point! Had a great Session with Josh. He knew things that only I knew but buried deep into my self-conscious mind thus hurting my spirit. Through his direct approach, things were drawn back to my conscious awareness ( a necessary process in shadow work) to continue in my healing journey and self-discovery through my shadow work. I feel like a new person more true to MY essence! Thank You Josh!” ~ Michelle Severino

“I went to the evening event not knowing what it was and with an open mind. OH MY, JOSH IS AMAZING AND SPOT ON... VERY ACCURATE WITH ME AND MY LIFE AND I LOOK FORWARD TO GOING BACK AGAIN. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JOSH. He has a gift and is kind and so spot on. I enjoyed the session and will definitely go back... Thank you Josh for offering your wonderful gift to share with the world..... Love and light .....” ~ Deb Heathe

“He's on point, this one. His readings give you something to think about afterward. Accurate.” ~ Isaac Vars

“” ~ Rachael Crowe