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As a Psychic Medium, I have one intention during my readings: to bring you the message that you need to hear most in life, right now…a message of connection, direction, and clarity. When I step into this role, I do so as a conduit or channel to all the spirits and energies that are around you. Your reading will be a unique experience, specific to where you’re at in life at the moment. During your reading, I could see things, feel things, hear things, even taste or smell things…but whatever comes through does so in a way that should bring you connection, direction, and clarity.

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Please, do not be nervous. The worst things that could come through would be harsh truths about areas in your life, but they wouldn’t be anything you didn’t already know. Know that I am not a fortune teller, I do not predict the future, and cannot tell you winning lottery numbers; each reading that you’ll have with me will be an experience you will never forget, unique and specific to you, in this very moment.



In a simple sentence, Josh is exceptional. This was my first rune reading and he explained everything thoroughly. Josh was completely understanding and compassionate about different aspects of my reading. I’m excited to see where his guidance will take me and look forward to my next reading. If you haven’t made your appointment with Josh yet, I would strongly recommend you do so! Thank you so much Josh!
— Krysta Correia
I must say this was by far one of the best readings I’ve had in a very long time! He was on point and right about everything, he even picked up on my deceased grandma and her smoking! I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you so much for my reading! I’ll be connecting with you again in the near future!!
— Cici Sanchez
Was an amazing experience! And gave me guidance. He did not let me feed him information like many of the fakes do. He stopped me from telling him too much. Provided a detailed reading, an hour was not long enough!!
— Alexandria Ashley-Rose
My husband and I had a Rune Reading with Josh, and everything he told us was right on. He gave us clarity to some difficult issues. I will definitely work with him again, and I highly recommend his readings and workshops!!
— Loretta stride



The Universe has made it clear to me that my gifts are meant to help people. Therefore, my intention for every reading is to provide you with connection to the spirits and energies around you, along with direction, and clarity. All sessions are held in the strictest of confidence and recorded as an MP3 for you to listen to later.


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I provide psychic readings that help to shed light on the spirits and energies that are currently having an effect on your life. These are truly transformative experiences - no butterflies, rainbows, or unicorns here...just sessions hoping to bring about real, substantial change. I bring my gifts to others in hopes to bring them connection, direction, and clarity.