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I strongly encourage people to purchase at least a one-hour reading, if possible. I provide very in-depth readings and it is often difficult for me to stay within even a one-hour time frame, especially when I’m being asked to connect to loved ones on the other side. Once the spirits start speaking and the information starts to flow it’s often difficult to get it to stop!

Telephone and video chat readings are just as accurate and powerful as an in-person reading in the studio. I will also provide you with an MP3 recording of your reading, whether in-person or over the phone. The recording is optional, meaning you do not have to have the session recorded, and it is also complimentary (there are no partial refunds if technical difficulties occur.)

All readings are absolutely confidential, guaranteed.

Sessions are per person, please note group and gallery pricing at bottom. I accept Cash, Debit & Credit Cards, & PayPal. Gift Certificates are available.

All readings are by appointment only, confirmed in advance. No refunds. Appointments may be rescheduled or cancelled with 24 hours advance notice.

Any questions, please email

Readings are offered in-person at our studio at Deep Earth Arts in Littleton, NH, or by phone or video chat.

Prices below apply to all types of readings, whether in-person or long-distance.

20 Minute Reading

Recommended for repeat clients or clients who have a brief, specific question about something in their life. Please note that I work by appointment and may not be able to extend the session if you want more time, but will if able.



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40 Minute Reading

A more in-depth reading, giving you the chance to receive more info from the spirits & energies around you and a chance to connect with departed loved ones. This reading is a great type of session to have on a regular basis for clarity and guidance.



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 60 Minute Reading

Recommended session time, giving you a chance to receive adequate and abundant information about many aspects of the spirits and energies affecting your life, including a chance to connect with a departed loved ones.



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90 Minute Session

Sufficient time to receive information about your life, as well as connect to departed loved ones. A session long enough to ask as many questions as you like, especially if you have questions for the spirits and energies in your life.



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Gallery & Group Readings -

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