The King has Left the Building: On Love, Death, and Worship in the Age of Rock and Roll

Psychic Medium Josh Simonds

“I don’t like that,” she said.

And I could understand. That’s what I get for being honest.

Honesty, frankness, openness, surrender...that’s all part of my process as a psychic medium. I’m at the point in this work where I can confidently relay the sensations and impressions I’m receiving from spirit to the loved ones that are still living, even if they don’t make sense to me in the moment. This was one of those cases.

It was the first time that a spirit came to me, crying.

When I sit with someone for a reading, it’s often very quickly that a spirit will make themselves known to me. Most of the times it’s a very distinct impression that it’s Mom, or Grandma, or a Brother with us...and sometimes they’re more insistent to come through than others. In this particular case, this woman’s Mother was with her from almost the beginning of the reading.

I relayed this to this woman and she said “Oh yeah, that makes sense. We were very close and I talk with her every night.”

And from there, this woman’s reading proceeded to validate and verify all the things she was feeling in her heart. Through the runes cast I could see that she had intuitive, psychic, and mediumship abilities, so when she told me she was speaking with her mother, I took that at face value - I do believe in her own way she was speaking with her mother.

When her mother presented herself to me, she was crying, or sad. I wouldn’t say wailing, but crying, so sad. A weeping woman was in my mind as her mother. When I told this to the woman - again, being as frank with what I was receiving as I could be with her - she didn’t like it, and she told me so.

I then took a moment to sit with her mom, asking her why she could possibly be crying. Her mom came back with the impression of an empty heart, a gaping black hole in her daughter’s chest, and that she was sad that her daughter didn’t have a companion in her life. That loneliness her daughter was feeling was something that genuinely hurt her.

“You’re single, aren’t you?” I asked her.

“Yes, why?”

“Because your mom is upset that you’re without a partner, that you’re alone, that you’re single. She can see how much it hurts you to be without a companion.”

Her face went white. The slight bit of happy smile that was on her face from our exchange fell away. Up to this point she was having a good time; she was a Reiki Master, familiar with readings, and had spoke with her mom before, like she said, so she was familiar with these energies and a process like my reading. It wasn’t until I told her that her mother was crying that she didn’t like it, that it stopped being fun for her...and that we really got to the root of the problem.

“I can’t believe you just said that,” she said to me.


“About the companion thing. About being alone.”

“Why? Is she right?”

“You don’t understand. I speak with her every night. And even though I talk with her about a bunch of different things, the one thing I ALWAYS ask her about is a companion. I ask her to find me someone because I’m so alone.”

And just like every other day when I do this, my mind is officially blown. I had to bring forth that message of her mother crying, that she was sad. This has incredible ramifications for me - it confirms that spirits hear us on the other side, and that our emotional state most certainly affects theirs. If you’re sad, they’re going to be sad.

Like I’ve told many people: the spirits that have left you and are on the other side want you to be happy and healthy. They don’t want to see you wallow in grief, and while they wouldn’t ever begrudge the process of grief, it’s not a permanent state. Grief is a process that you’re supposed to work through. The spirits that love and care for you want to see you full of joy, and love.

This just proved it. And the takeaway from this for that woman, and ultimately the most healthy way for her to cope with being single, is to come to terms with being single. Not to necessarily stay single, to always strive for happiness and companionship, but while she was alone she should do the best to live with a happy heart.

During this work I’m constantly encountering spirits, energies, situations, and peculiar quirks of existence that boggle my mind. I am always feeling like my life is a combination of the Twilight Zone and Indiana Jones, and thankfully so. This situation with this woman’s mother coming through crying, sending her a message that she was so definitely hearing, confirmed not only everlasting love for this woman, but the fact her loved ones and their emotional states live on…and are tied to those who are still living, and those they’re still loving.

And while this was an amazing experience, the situation was about to turn even more bizarre and peculiar. That’s why I’m writing this right now - it’s been less than 24 hours since this situation and I have to get it down. The woman gave me permission to write this story down and even use her name… though I am not. It’s strange enough without actually using real names, though this reading makes me very, very happy that I record every reading.

While Spirits don’t have a language per se, they have a word for people like me: Bridges. They refer to people like me as Bridges, a person that connects people to loved ones, connects one plane of existence to another. In this very moment I was acting as a Bridge between this woman and her mother, and that’s when I’m there but not there. I have a tendency to forget my readings - and thank goodness, as they can’t stay with me. I remember some of them, but not nearly all of them.

In this moment, after we talked about the emptiness in her chest, the need for a companion, and the reason why her mother was crying, the conversation moved one. The three of us (but really, the two of them) were speaking about very specific things in their life. Mom was offering up emotions of pride and love, offering health advice and places where she had to look after her health better.

And then I said, out of nowhere:

“Donny Osmond??!”

To give you context, her mom suddenly showed me what looked like a man from the 50’s, with perfectly combed and greased dark hair… and a crooner. I thought it was Donny Osmond, but what’s incredible is that I don’t even have an idea of who Donny Osmond really is, other than a singer from “back then.” I couldn’t picture him in my mind, but that’s who I felt like she was showing me. A crooner from back in the day and something about a crush.

“It’s Elvis,” she said.


“Yes, Elvis. I love Elvis. Have ever since I was a little girl,” she says while waving her hand in the air about knee level.

“Huh, I wonder why she would be showing you that.”

“Because I love him,” she says. “I mean, really love him. I used to have a room dedicated to him. My kids get me knick-knacks and collectibles. I listen to him every day at work. I love him.”

And again, here was a situation that I’d never been in before.

As I was about to say again “I wonder why your mom would show me him” the mom popped into my head with a question that I’ll never forget.

“Ask her if she wants to talk with Elvis.”

Now, I’ve seen a lot of stuff. I’ve encountered very authentic and tangible experiences, entities, ghosts, energies, and the like. Most of it has stretched my mind in ways for which I wasn't prepared and my mind still gets stretched daily. Every day I’m encountering something in this work that I never knew existed, or I never thought could ever be possible.

When I have conversations with Spirit in my head, it doesn’t happen like it does with living people, out loud. With people, and vocal conversation, it takes place over a period of time…it takes a certain amount of seconds to speak sentences and ask questions. When I communicate with spirit I can ask a question in a split second (in my head, while speaking with a client - I know, it hurts my head, too!!), so a conversation that would happen between people that would take a minute or two to have, I can have with a spirit in the matter of seconds.

With that in mind, I pushed back to her mom: “Really. Really, now. You can’t be serious.”

And the mom came back with, “I sure am. He’s a spirit just like I am and there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t speak with him just like you speak with me. Hold on, I’ll get him.”

Again, this absolutely happened. While I have no recording of what happened in my head, all of the conversation here between the daughter and I is on her recording.

Right after that I say to the woman in front of me:

“No joke. Your mom said she can go get Elvis. But I don’t even know how that would work. I can sit here and give you proof and evidence that your mom is coming through because you had a relationship with her, and I can talk about all sorts of specific things. But I can’t give you that same kind of evidence and connection because you didn’t have a relationship with Elvis.”

And that’s when someone else’s voice popped in my head and said:

“Wanna bet?”

Well, holy crap. What a ride, what a ride, hold on. That’s exactly what I thought in that moment.

And then it hit me, or his message did. In a split second, this reading turned into one of the most awkward experiences I’ve ever been put in. I am put in a lot of awkward situations in this work; a lot of husbands come through with apologies for erectile dysfunction, and gratitude to the wives who didn’t make them feel like failures. Awkward, like I said.

This was on the top of the list of awkward.

Because whoever was in my head - and boy did it ever feel like the King of Rock and Roll - started to give me some very particular information. Some very specific information.

Some very awkward, personal information that only he...really...would know.

And then I had to ask this woman about his message, there was no way around it. When communicating with spirit, and when they show me something, often times they won’t move onto the next image, sensation, smell, taste, impression, until I talk about the one in front of me. This was the same with what this spirit was showing me.

“Please understand that what I’m about to say is very awkward. Please remember that I’m married to a man and I don’t want this to be any weirder than it already is...but I have something to ask you.”

“No problem,” she says. “I’m a child of the 70’s and can handle pretty much anything.” She laughs.

“Okay…that room for Elvis, the room where you had all the Elvis stuff...was there a bed in there?”

“No, but there used to be,” she said. “Not while all the Elvis stuff was in it though.”

“Okay, let’s piece together what he’s showing me, because it’s pretty personal.”

“Okay,” she says and smiles, probably as incredulous as I was about the entire situation.

“Do, put on his music...and, can I say this...give, self love?”

Yep - right there on top of the List of Awkward.

And as any confident woman and child of the 70’s would do, she just smiled at me and says “Sure.”

And it hit me like a truck. What exactly was going on here. And I never thought I’d see anything like this that would validate and uphold theories I had from other experiences. I’ll explain.

From my experience - and please remember that I’m completely self-taught in this work, stumbling into it about 3 years ago - I’ve come to realize things about the ecology of the spirit world, and how some stuff works.

Now, when I say I have an idea on how some stuff works, I’m probably wrong, or off the mark. Or not nearly as close as I think I am - as I try to stay humble in the workings of Spirit, and would never assume that I’m sure of the definite mechanics of spiritual workings. With that being said, I’m pretty sure of some things, including what happens to some spirits in relation to gods and goddesses, or what we commonly and modernly call gods and goddesses.

I believe there are deities and super powerful spiritual beings. And I think a lot of them started out as humans, and they kind of “grew” into godhood, or goddesshood. I’ll give you an example.

Odin is a chief god in the Norse pantheon. He plays prominently in a lot of northern European, Celtic, and Germanic cultures, in different forms. I believe that at one point in time, many, many thousands of years ago there was a chieftain that was Odin. Call him a king, a chieftain, whatever...but he was a powerful man, revered by many. I believe he was alive at one point in time, and when he passed on his, his memory and any ancestral veneration eventually grew into myth.

Now, as the adoration, myths, and legends of Odin grew...all specific to one particular spirit, I believe all that adoration, and essentially worship, “feeds” that spirit on the other side. I believe through that adoration and worship, that human spirit on the other side, grew into something bigger. Something more powerful than an average spirit, if you will.

Again, I can’t exactly quantify how any of this works, or if any of this is actually real beyond my own perception. But it certainly feels right to me. And the implications of this are incredible - that there are spirits and entities and deities interacting with our plane of existence, having tangible and actual affect on our reality.

Now, a woman was sitting in front of me for this reading. A woman who not only loved Elvis, but worshiped him, without even realizing what she was doing. Combine that with the sexual energy that this woman was dumping into this situation, the length of time she’s loved him (at least 4 decades) and you can see how she’d develop a relationship to that spirit.

Especially if her love and veneration increased as one might expect after August 16th, 1977, the official date listed as the day Elvis died.

And not only was she sitting in front of me, she was here (and I was there!) with the spirit of the man she loved, and worshiped. And then he went on to speak with her, and mentioned a few specific things. A song was one of them, what sounded like a his “Hound Dog” song, but one I couldn’t place because I’d never heard it before. It was a bluesy song, not a ballad or love song like some of his other sultry work, but a bluesy rock song...and one that got her particularly in She knew exactly what he was talking about.

He then admired her beauty, telling her that she was a looker in her younger years, model material in fact. But then he went on to tell her - as I imagine someone like only Elvis Presley could - that he thought she was beautiful, but too big boned. She wasn’t heavy, but tall, and he liked his women short. Like Priscilla, who was 5’2”, or so he said.

And it wasn’t until later that I Googled her height, finding it was actually 5’4”. Short, still.

He kept on with information like this, and then added something on to my theory of how spirits can grow stronger through admiration and love and worship. As the years creep on, and as more and more women who loved Elvis pass on to the other side, the fewer and fewer women are left who love him and give him energy through their worship.

The fact that this woman was someone who at one point had a shrine to him meant that she was very important to him. There was a sense of urgency around the fact she loved him, and he was appreciative of the veneration.

And that was pretty much where his interaction ended with her. Again, I have it all recorded and I guess I’m stressing that because it’s still a little unbelievable to me, even though I was sitting right there and it was happening through me.

This woman was tickled pink. She loved what had happened, felt she had made a genuine connection with the man she’d loved her entire life, and told me that if anyone was going to bring Elvis through for her, it was going to be her Mom.

I believe she did. I believe her mother brought Elvis Presley through for her daughter. And really only because of one reason:

Because even though the King may have left the building…

He certainly hadn’t left her heart.

Josh Simonds