Interrupted by Spirits

Out of all the places I ever thought my life would bring me, passing messages along to loved ones from spirits was never one of them. Ever. Calling myself a Psychic Medium was never a title I thought would ever be by my name, describing to the world who and what I am.

When I say my daily life is like episode after episode of the Twilight Zone, I truly mean it - but that’s not a complaint in any way. I am so thankful my life is full of juicy, strange, wonderful events full of wonder and mystery and love and intrigue and life. I am in a perpetual state of gratitude for the life I lead.

I love what I do as a psychic medium, and yet it’s still a hard path to discuss widely. I’m trying. I’ve been judged by people and surprised by people by whom I thought would judge me. The main reason I provide psychic readings and medium sessions on a professional basis is because I believe if you and I have the power to help other humans - whether we have skills to nurse and heal others, to sing beautiful songs to heal people’s souls, or speak to the dead - we have a moral obligation to bring those gifts to the wider world.

And when someone that I know loses someone, I never offer up my services, no matter how badly I might want to. Never, in any way, will I ever appear to be predatory to someone’s grief - there may not be a greater sin in this work than chasing ambulances.

For me, I trust that people who need to know what I do will find out about it, and people who need to see me for a session will find me. I hope people feel comfortable approaching me for my services, but when it comes to the death of their loved ones, starting up a conversation with me about contacting their departed falls on their shoulders. By trade, I won’t chase ambulances.

A couple months ago I had a friend lose her husband in a freak accident. This wasn’t a close friend, but someone who I would consider more than an associate, as I knew her through an ex-boyfriend of mine. I knew both her and her husband through him, and hung out with them for a brief period of time about 12 years ago or so, in a different life. Whenever I hung out with her, and whenever I see her today, we jive, have fun and laugh, and it always feels like it’s someone I should spend more time with.

That’s why, when I heard she lost her husband, I knew I had to wait for her to reach out to me. And when she did, I knew that it was going to be a powerful session. I don’t know if it’s because I knew her husband somewhat, but in my own way, I wanted to rush the session. It felt like I was very anxious to sit down with her, it felt like he was there, anxious to get the “phone lines” open.

Eventually, when we did sit down, it was as cathartic and wonderful and lovely as I felt it was going to be. It was well over an hour of him coming through to her, saying things he didn't have a chance to say in life, things I would have no way of knowing. He apologized, they laughed together, he told her about what it was like where he was, and there was plenty of healing, and so, so much love. The most wonderful part about what I do is experiencing the miracle of being the channel for departed spirits - it is truly a miracle. Playing this role brings me a fulfillment and sense of purpose and completeness I never thought possible, and it was even more so true when I could play this role for my friend.

It was a wonderful time with my friend, and I thought I was done with this story...until the other day, when I was just passing through my living room.

All of a sudden, my friend’s husband was in my head.

He was there, showing me her kitchen stove, telling me to tell her to be careful of it.

The message and image was so strong, clear, and random I had to reach out to her and tell her that her husband was telling her to be careful of the stove...there was some reason to be concerned about the stove, a reason strong enough to yell loud enough to get my attention. She told me that I was scaring her - and I knew I was scaring her - but again, the message was so clear and loud that I had to send her a message.

Come to find out, her stove is electric, so there weren’t any worries about gas plumbing malfunctioning and leaking or anything. The electric range was a couple years old, and nothing wrong with it from what she could tell. When she told me this, I told her to keep an eye out and be careful. Who could be nothing after all.

That’s the other thing about this work - there’s no guarantee that any of it will make sense. Spirits all have different ability levels and ways of communicating. Some are very loud and clear with their names, and some send me pictures and smells of sawdust to tell me they were a carpenter. And sometimes they make absolutely no sense at all - but no matter what, I’ll always bring the information through, no matter how random or silly it sounds.

A few minutes later my friend sends me a message - her husband used to be the cook of the family and she couldn’t remember the last time she cooked a chicken, and really had no idea why she was driven to cook one that night She took the chicken out that she was cooking after I messaged her and checked it -- instead of just taking the chicken out, cutting it up, and serving it to herself and her daughter (which was what she was about to do) she checked the chicken and found it still needed to be cooked....that in her daze, and in her inexperience she would have served undercooked chicken to herself and her daughter.

Instead, spirit spoke. Her husband spoke.


Ultimately saving her and their daughter from salmonella, or some sort of foodborne sickness. Chicken is one of the most commonly undercooked meats, and the fact she could probably count on one hand how many chickens she’d ever cooked, my friend was more than grateful for the assistance from the other side.

Playing this role is an honor beyond measure. And as these situations unfold before me, as I have episode after episode of my very own Twilight Zone, I am thinking and processing and understanding so much. And even so, as I process all that’s happening to me, it all eventually leads to more questions, and ultimately because of that, it leads me to something I’m so, so thankful for…


Josh Simonds