Integrity and the Intangible: on Psychics in the Age of Social Media

One of the peculiarities of stepping into this role of psychic medium is that I have almost zero help in finding my way. Doing this work isn’t like being a plumber: I can’t sign up for courses and get a certificate, I can’t find a mentor, I can’t ask for help from other people who may have come before me.

Sure, I could do all those things, but I say I “can’t” because, really...I won’t. There are online courses, there are people who would mentor me - from near and afar - and there are people, both near and afar, of whom I could ask questions and seek guidance.

The biggest reason I won’t do any of these things is that being a psychic medium isn’t like being a’s more like being a musician. It’s like being a musician in the way that music is in your blood, and it’s part of your person, just like the ability to do whatever it is that I do as a psychic medium.

What that thing is, what I’m doing exactly when I’m in a session as a psychic medium...I couldn’t really tell you. That’s where the analogy of musicianship and psychic mediumship ends - there’s plenty of science and knowledge and literature about the science, art, and history of music, but if anything like that exists for psychic mediumship, it’s hidden away in the annals of a secret government programs…or like I’ve often found, useful information of the written kind is often like a needle in a haystack, in that you have to dig through books and books to find information that is useful or helpful.

This thing, this ability to act as a psychic medium, reading and interpreting energies and spirits around people, is something I have to learn for myself. I have to get messy with it, I have to push its boundaries (really, my boundaries) and discover exactly how I can best help other people with it.

And that’s just it - helping people. I wouldn’t have this gift if I was supposed to keep it to myself. My number one goal during a reading is to bring each person the message they need to hear in life, right now and in this moment, to bring them connection, direction, and clarity. Connection to spirits and energies around and within them, including ancestors and departed loved ones...direction in their life, whether romantic, spiritual, or career...and clarity - I want to help make sense of confusing aspects of their lives, whether they’re emotional, spiritual, or physical.

And as I step into this role of psychic medium, I’m bringing myself to more and more people, and more and more of my clients are telling their friends and family about me. I offer readings to people in-person at my studio in Littleton at Deep Earth Arts, but I also offer them over the phone and over video chat services, like Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Zoom. I cannot tell you why I’m able to provide readings over the phone and video just like my client is in the same room with me, but I can. I can’t even tell you why I can perform these readings in the first place, so I wouldn’t be able to make sense of it, whether given digitally or physically.

What I do know is that I’m stepping into the place of being a channel, a conduit, for the spirits and energies around you to step forth and bring that information to you, through me. I do not take credit for anything that comes through me, as it doesn’t come from me, but through me.

And as I bring these services to people I encounter people who have plenty of questions about what I do, and how I do it...and they’re all questions I am eager to answer, as best I can. I recently had a client, with whom I was having a conversation via email, ask me a question that I’d been asked before, but having this client ask it finally gave me reason to write out a thorough response to her question, so I could answer it again. Really, it’s a great question, and I’d ask it in her place. The question:

“How do I know you aren’t going to go to my Facebook profile and take a bunch of information off it?”

My response was simply, she didn’t know if I would do that or not. This woman responded to a Facebook ad I ran, and since we connected via Facebook, this was a viable and very reasonable question. And while she had no idea if I would take information from her profile, I wanted to line out all the reasons why I never would in the first place. Here’s my response to her:

“I believe integrity and honor are two of the most important qualities to cultivate, both on a personal level, and most especially in this work.

I make it a point to avoid my client's social media profiles, well until we become well acquainted with each other. I do this for a few reasons:

1. I want absolutely in no way to be influenced by anything I might see.

2. I would never want anyone - ever - to be able to say I've done something so despicable as retrieve information from your social media profiles.

3. And it IS despicable. I can imagine no other behavior or trick by psychics to take advantage of clients. I believe people in this work who are predators, and prey on people's naivete, fear, and grief are some of the most despicable people walking around.

4. As I've been funneled and directed by Spirit and the Universe in this work, I completely recognize karma. I also understand the shame and sorrow I'd bring to my ancestors and the spirits and deities who cherish and follow me. I'd rather bag groceries and eat mac-and-cheese the rest of my life.

5. I understand that should I access information or data from online or offline sources about my clients prior to a session - and using said information for personal gain - would bring about the wrath (and shame, and sorrow) of many spirits...both yours and mine.

6. I pride myself on authentic and legitimate gifts and abilities, and I thank and cherish the ancestors and spirits who make them possible and give them to me. If I don't know something or can't be granted access to information, I will tell you, and any of my other clients. In no way am I omnipotent or omniscient.

7. I promise that I will bring forth information from the energies and spirits around you that I have no way of knowing, and doesn't exist on any digital platform. I set intention before every reading to bring forth the message you need to hear to find connection, direction, and clarity...I am nothing but a channel or a conduit. The spirits and energies around you are anxious to have the opportunity to bring those messages to you.”

That was my quick response that I typed to her over my phone, via email. While there are others in this world who find renown and fame & fortune as people who fish for information or somehow manipulate people so well on a psychological basis that they feel like they’ve received a true psychic reading...I am certainly not one of those people. Anyone who has ever had a session with me knows it, and anyone who has ever had a session with me understands why there’s so much truth in the fact that it’s truly a channeling process...the information I’m bringing forth is truly coming from somewhere outside me.

Here’s a recent review I received on Facebook from a client to whom I provided a reading to in Maine, via phone, just a few days ago:

“Was an amazing experience! And gave me guidance. He did not let me feed him information like many of the fakes do. He stopped me from telling him too much. Provided a detailed reading, an hour was not long enough!!”

Integrity and honor and respect for all the spirits, ancestors, and energies who put me here and gave me my gifts...those are my guiding principles, and always will be.

I invite you along on my journey...but if you’re not a person who believes in truth, integrity, and honor, I warn you: mind your step, whether you’re part of my journey, or just on your own…

The Universe has a way of balancing the scales. I believe it might have been Martin Luther King Jr who said something along the lines of “the arc of history is long but it always bends towards justice.”

I believe that, and I hope you do too.

Josh Simonds