It's the Impressions That I Get


If you’ve ever had a session with me, you’ll know that I begin every session with explaining what people should expect from their time with me. People seem to have expectations of mediums from popular culture that don’t fit nearly what I do, so before I jump into a session of spirit communication, I like to fill folks in on what will happen during the session.

And it’s always different. Spirits all have different strengths and abilities to communicate with me, just like humans have different strengths and abilities with their own communication. When I’m in a session I will hear, see, feel, smell, and taste all sorts of sensations, and these sensations I receive will always be an identifiable marker for that person. Maybe your father was a carpenter and I’ll smell sawdust, maybe your deceased husband really loved your corn chowder, maybe your mother smoked - these are all examples of sensations I receive from spirit while I’m in a session.

But whatever I receive always comes through as a way to identify that particular spirit, and it’s always proof of Live & Love Everlasting. I am touched and honored whenever I step into this role as I can’t think of any other profession that can provide more healing and closure than knowing our loved ones carry on after we lose them.

A few months ago I was talking to a prospective client about getting a reading from me. At first, she wanted me to write my reading up and send it to her - that must be something other psychics do, and I think I’ve encountered it along the way myself. While that may be a technique that others use, I don’t. My sessions are very much channeled and I have to have free reign to just let them come through with their messages. If I were to try and write it down as I was doing it I would lose steam, and that’s why I record all of my sessions, so people can listen to them later.

This particular woman had no interest in a one-on-one session. I told her the best I could do was cast my Runes and record the session to send her to listen to as an MP3...but I didn’t prefer that as I would love to connect to her and her Spirits. This conversation happened late at night and I was to provide the reading the next day.

When I woke up, I received a Facebook message from her along the lines of “Please Josh, don’t do the reading! I’ve decided against it!” I will never push anyone to do a reading, and I explained to her the absolute worst that could happen during our session was that she become made aware by the Spirits around her of a harsh truth that was having a detrimental effect on her life, but it wouldn’t be a truth she was unaware of. I honored her wishes and stressed to her that nothing scary would come of it and I would be there for her when she needed me.

That’s when her Catholic upbringing and beliefs came out - she told me that she was afraid that I would connect with a negative spirit that would harm her, her family, or myself. As I was assuring her that I had a very strong and capable team of spirits and ancestors that help me, I received a message for her.

As a psychic it takes a while to become confident enough to offer up my impressions or sensations, as most of the time they don’t make sense, to me at least. As I was typing this conversation to this woman I received an image of a Rainbow Care Bear, of all things. 

Ridiculous, right?

I’ve become confident enough to know that I was receiving a message and I brought that to her attention. I told her that while it may seem ridiculous, I was receiving an image of a Rainbow Care Bear, or a rainbow, or a teddy bear and a rainbow. I told her this didn’t make sense to me, but I imagined it would make sense to her, and if a Rainbow Care Bear meant anything to her, there was someone hoping to connect to her.

She sat on my message for a couple hours and I thought I lost her, that she would fade back into the background of all the people who approach me for readings but don’t follow through for whatever reason. But a couple hours later she sent me a message, letting me know that she would love to do a reading with me, one-on-one, that she had a Rainbow Care Bear when she was younger and that one of the people she was hoping to hear from would know that. This woman was looking to connect to her best friend, with whom she grew up, and who also knew she had this Rainbow Care Bear.

The following session we had together was wonderful - I was able to connect her to her Father and this best friend, as well as provide guidance and clarity for a lot that was going on in her life. During the reading I also let her know that the Pope and the Vatican recently approved of psychics and mediums, or those with “Charismatic Gifts,” otherwise known as spiritual gifts. After 600 years of persecution or so, the Vatican now approved of seers, psychics, mediums, prophets, and the like. A church document quietly released in 2017, from The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, exonerated those the Church once persecuted, and you can read it here, called The Church Rejuvenates or Iuvenescit Ecclesia.

Not that I need the approval of the Church to do what I do - my gifts are given to me by powers stronger than any institution built by Man - but it was useful for this woman to know that her faith wouldn’t contradict with the messages and experience we shared together.

These impressions I receive are very vivid - tastes, images, clear words & sentences. They all come to me as I need them, and they’re always spot on. They always come through as a way for spirits to identify themselves, and a way to provide healing and clarity.

I recently enrolled in an online class with many students from all over the world. One of the students and I, a woman on the other side of the globe that I take to be around my parent’s age, have struck up quite the friendship. While we’ve bantered back and forth and shared fun conversations, we hadn’t really discussed much in the way of the personal.

The other day she took to Facebook, expressing grievances about some troubles she was having. While I offered what I could with a written text of support, as soon as I saw this post I knew a lot...or a lot was given to me by Spirit. I like to think that I was made to know by spirit.

From just reading this woman’s post I immediately connected to her mother. Not a few minutes later, not hours later, but right at that moment I knew her mother, just like I knew about the other woman’s Rainbow Care Bear.

I knew that her mother, while sweet, was also ferocious. I knew that for this woman to find her way through the thick of her troubles she would have to channel her mother. The way through for her was in the answer to the question “What would her mother do?”

And while that’s an easy assumption to make, really, for anyone with a mother, I was immediately made to know that this mother loved grenadine, or a sweet syrupy red liquid. I didn’t think it was wine, but it could have been. Through this work I can now walk through a grocery store and get a sense of companion spirits and ancestors around a person, whether it’s someone’s sister, mother, father, or grandparent. Sometimes those around us are ancestors so old we wouldn’t know who they were. And while this happens, I can never tell people about it. I cannot be the guy that walks up to people to say they have a spirit or ancestor around them that’s protecting, loving, and guiding them.

Who does that? What an incredible violation of natural boundaries. People must approach me and be ready to receive these messages or I could cause much more damage than healing.

Recently I was chatting with the woman who lives on the other side of the globe about some of the content of our class. As the class deals with esoteric learnings I had a very confident feeling this woman would appreciate knowing about her mother, so I very gently let her know what I was receiving.

And she absolutely confirmed it - her mother loved grenadine and raspberry syrup, a drink popular in her childhood. Once that came through, I received the impression the mother loved cheese (Parmesan in fact!) and smoked, as I got an impression of a heavy chest. The mother both smoked later in life and had heart problems. That she had a deep love for her daughter, with whom I was speaking, and the woman’s brother, her son. This wasn’t an extensive reading, but just a few quick messages that helped this woman find guidance in her current struggles. I was happy to lend this support as I could.

In this work, in this amazing, otherworldly, miraculous work that has become my life, I’ve learned so much. I am so thankful for all that Spirit has taught me, for everything my clients have taught me, up to this point. I am so grateful that I’ve found that for which I was put on this world. I encourage others who feel they may have a connection to Spirit to listen to those feelings, impressions, and sensations they receive, especially those they dismiss as just memories of those they’ve lost.

Most of the time these sensations and impressions are coming from without, not within.

And they’re all the more beautiful for it.

Josh Simonds