Healing my Ancestors

My journey into esoteric studies and metaphysical abilities started when I began my journey of self-discovery through my DNA and ancestry. That’s why it would make sense that I would end up working with ancestor spirits, and those ancestors from whom my power comes.

My great-great-great-grandfather was named Jehial Simonds. His mother was Azubah, a Pequot Indian from Connecticut. When I began this work I’d make it a point to visit their gravesites, and quite often still do. As I was doing work with these grandparents (Azubah is buried in Lunenburg, VT where I live, Jehial is buried in Dalton, NH across the Connecticut River, where my father's family is from) I was able to pull some history from their lives while they were alive.

There was a breach between Azubah and Jehial, some sort of bad history. Azubah wanted to teach Jehial her ways and culture as a Native, what she knew from her culture. Jehial wanted nothing to do with it, wanted to blend in as a white Christian man. It was a divide between them through life, and now through death.

I've been tasked with having to bridge that gap, to heal them. Part of the work I do here in this life is part of that process. I can tell you Azubah is happy that someone in her line is working in spiritual fields.

On a journey session this past winter, while the ground was frozen, it came to me that for me to begin this process I have to exchange grave dirt with them...I have to take grave dirt from Jehial's grave and put it in Azubah's, and vice versa. I planned on removing a bit of sod from each grave, scoop out some dirt and bring it to the other's grave. I would make an offer of flowers to Azubah (she particularly liked daisies) and whiskey to Jehial.

This was important work, bridging this gap between my ancestors and helping them find peace, to heal. here was something about the river that prevented them from connecting. Please don’t ask me to explain to you where I heard or came up with this information...the best I can do is call it intuition.

After struggling to find some time this summer, last night I finally brought daisies to Azubah's grave as an offering. After making her an offering, I laid out my tensor ring and put my stones in an arc so I could lay my head in between them. I work with tensor rings, welded circles of copper that make an energy current around and through them. Isaac was there holding space and rattling for me.

Looking up at the clear night sky last night I saw one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Shooting stars were out, of course, with it being August...but right over my head there was a pulsating star, beating like a heart. It would turn bright, then fade away, turn bright, then fade away. It did this for almost ten minutes and stayed in one place. I've seen lots of unexplained things in the sky at night, but nothing like this. It wasn't an airplane, it wasn't a satellite, it was truly something unexplained. The light in the sky stopped pulsing as soon as Isaac stopped rattling.

I didn't have to spend too much time at each grave - I could tell they were impatient for me to be done with it all…their rift was well over 150 years old. I made a small circle in the grass in the middle of the tensor ring, scooped out some soil, then crossed the river to do the same at Jehial's grave.

When I crossed the river into New Hampshire, something amazing happened: my ears popped, even though there was no change in elevation. I felt a tremendous shift of energy. I was calm, empowered, and driving slowly alongside the river.

Azubah's grave is in a cemetery in the middle of Lunenburg...street lights illuminated my way and I didn't need the torch I brought with me. Across the river in Dalton, Jehial's grave is in a cemetery that has no ambient lighting, aside from the night sky. It's in a cemetery that sits near a river that feeds into the Connecticut River, land that's been in my family for the past two hundred years at least.

I made an offering of brandy at Jehial's grave. He was a whiskey man, but I forgot to buy whiskey yesterday and had some brandy in the house for when Isaac would make flower essences. I did the same thing with the tensor ring and stones, laid down and gazed into the night sky while Isaac rattled for me. This time the night sky felt like it was right above me like I could reach out and touch it. It faded in and out, and turned into a blanket of sorts, almost like it was a field of crystals I could step into. More shooting stars, more bright flashes of light.

I made the exchange of dirt and kept seeing quick moving flashes around me in the night. That cemetery was filled with spirits and many other wild energies. Isaac said he was startled by something huge over the trees in the rear of the graveyard.

After putting Azubah's dirt in Jehial's grave, I brought Jehial's dirt to Azubah's grave. As we passed over the river back into Vermont, my ears popped again! When I made it back to the Lunenburg cemetery and put Jehial's dirt in Azubah's grave, it felt like the night sky sighed around me. I had completed my task and it felt like they were reunited wherever they were, in whatever form they were in. I could tell it was much more important to Azubah than it was to Jehial...it was a mother who lost her son, and lost her cultural heritage, finally regaining a connection to him.

Healing the rifts between our ancestors, healing their wounds and tragedies is a great responsibility, and one I'm thankful to have been able to take part in.

My connection with these ancestors is great because I live close to their resting places, and I have access to their gravesites. I look forward to making a journey inward and outward to discover more ancestors I can help heal.

It might be some of the most important work I ever do.