Healing with Geometric Shapes

Have you ever had an authentic energy healing session? You’ll know it when you do.

As with any type of field, there are plenty of people in the spiritual field - and especially Reiki or energy healing field - that aren’t doing nearly as much as they think they are. There are a whole lot of Reiki practitioners out there but, in my humble opinion, only a small percentage of them are actually moving energy. I’ve come up against many people in this work who, in the best case scenario, are less than authentic...and in the worst case scenario, downright predatory.

Hence my skepticism, and caution, with people who work in the spiritual field. There are just too many snake oil salesmen (and women) in this work and they sadly make it difficult for the rest of us who have tangible powers and are trying to affect change with them.

I’ve always been a little skeptical of Reiki - I’ve had Reiki and energy work that was powerful and strong and helped realign my chakras and clear blockages, like the Reiki my husband has given me...and I’ve had experiences where I’ve just laid on a table while some self-serving egoist laid their hands upon me.

Pardon me if I come across a little crass but I’ve got a pet peeve with those who sling snake oil.

That’s why I’m pleasantly surprised - and delighted! - when I come across someone who is authentic, powerful, and willing to share what they know. I found that person in Elaine Molloy, a wonderful woman from Ireland who describes herself as a medical intuitive and healer. After having an amazing session with Elaine, where she combined a mixture of Kinesiology and pulse reading and energy healing, I decided to sign up for the four classes she was offering while in the area.

I’ve taken Reiki 1 and 2 classes and have been attuned to the healing Reiki symbols, and while I can use Reiki to heal, I’ve never been called to heal...not like I’ve been called to perform psychic readings. When I initially saw a flyer for Elaine’s classes I wasn’t pulled towards them, though I did think the concept was interesting. They sounded like New Age fluff that I normally wouldn’t have an interest in.

After I met Elaine and had a session with her, that all changed. Elaine was offering four different classes while she was in the area. Each of the classes taught students how to heal others using sacred geometric shapes, each with a different purpose. Elaine told me she channeled these shapes while working with a friend and developed modalities to help pass them on. She refers to them as Divine Healing Light Wisdom, a “collection of healing energies that are being transmitted to Earth to help with the healing of the Earth and its people.” I was attuned, along with the other students in the class, to these symbols after a meditation regarding each.

The four symbols included the Diamond Light, the Five Pointed Star, the Golden Triangle, and the Obelisk. She has other shapes to which she attunes students but these were the only ones she was teaching at the time.

The symbols are used differently, but really all in the interest of helping someone clear any emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical sufferings they may be experiencing. Each of the symbols offers different healing modalities and each of them works uniquely. Like I said, I was skeptical...until I went through the attunements. In fact, while I was getting attuned to the Five Pointed Star, I blacked out...not in a bad or painful way, but I went blank once she started attuning me and didn’t “come to” until she was attuning the student to my left.

The Five Pointed Star was the most powerful for me as I felt like I had a star physically inside me, jutting out from my heart chakra. Two points coming out of my back and three coming out of my front. It felt very prominent for a bit until it faded away and I could sense the star sinking into me.

During my meditation and attunement with the Obelisk, I received a “download” of information about a class I have to teach. It was as if the entire class just landed in my head and I was so excited about it that I feverishly typed 7 pages at once to get the information out of me.

I’ve used Reiki for healing, I’ve used runes for healing, and now I have these geometric shapes as part of my toolbag. I’ve reached out to a couple of friends to ask if they’d volunteer for a session so I can try them out. Both sessions so far have had rave reviews. Each of my friends - two very different people - offered themselves up to me so I could try out these symbols and I have to say, I’m very thankful they did.

During the sessions, different symbols were called forth intuitively for each friend, which I found really interesting. My first friend’s session was all about the Golden Triangle, which is used to clear karmic patterns from previous lives. While using this symbol I found that my friend kept living life after life as someone she didn’t want to be...so her focus in this life is to live a life as she truly wants to. I received glimpses of a couple of her past lives that she lived as people who were very unhappy in their own skin and circumstances. During this session I envisioned the Golden Triangle floating around and up and down her body, almost as if she were in an MRI.

Feedback from this friend was great - she said felt “unbelievably more grounded” and when she got home, her Tarot cards were out of their normal place, almost like they were calling to her. She hadn’t touched them in years and I suspect she’d been shying away from that part of her life.

My second friend had all the other symbols calling out to her - the Diamond Light, the Five Pointed Star, and the Obelisk. During this healing session I used all three symbols in a variety of ways, and as you can imagine with these geometric shapes, they fit into each other at different points in the healing session. Her concerns were balancing work and life responsibilities while having enough energy to get through her day as a single mom and business owner.

Her feedback was great to hear, especially while I’m still in the experimental stage. She told me she’s been super relaxed but full of energy since, and while her sleep that night was a bit restless she had intense dreams and her Fitbit let her know that she had a lot more REM sleep than usual.

Both sessions included intuitive glimpses into specific body issues, and when presented with these suspicions, they were all confirmed as accurate.

All very exciting, especially since I’m so excited to bring these shapes - and this healing - to others.

This Saturday, July 28th, Isaac and I will be hosting a by-donation Reiki & Energy Healing Clinic at our studio in Littleton. From 11 to 1, come in for twenty minutes of energy healing and get a taste for what both of us have to offer.

We would both love to see you.

~ Josh Simonds, the Rune Goon


Josh Simonds