Crystal Sickness

I’m a little overzealous sometimes.

And if you’ve been in the studio or taken any of my classes, you’ll know I’m a little overzealous about rocks and stones and crystals. I love them and have always loved them, but it wasn’t until I opened up to my esoteric abilities did I fully understand their potential, and what they’re capable of. I may never fully grasp their full potential.

Crystals, especially quartz of any kind, have the ability to absorb and transmit energies and vibrations, including thoughts and emotions. They act as batteries, as conduits, as amplifiers, as stabilizers, as portals to other worlds. I love how powerful they are, their beauty, their strength. They’re all strong and beautiful and powerful, all in their own specific ways.Amplifying and containing all the magic of our planet, crystals and rocks are made from different minerals that have undergone different processes within the the Earth.

But not all of them have come from the Earth.

And here’s where the overzealous part comes in.

There’s a crystal called Moldavite and I fell in love with it as soon as I heard about it...but the deal was really sealed when I picked up a piece for the first time. It made my hand zing like no other stone had ever before. As soon as I held onto a piece of moldavite I knew that it was a stone like no other.

That’s because moldavite isn’t entirely from this planet...or the scientific community assumes so. Moldavite comes from one place on the planet in Europe, and the meaning of the words comes from the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia. It is thought to be the result of a meteor impact about 15 million years ago, apparently (the scientific community isn’t entirely sure) the product of an explosion stronger than a nuclear bomb. The pieces apparently rained from the sky. That’s a telltale sign of authentic moldavite, no matter the grade you end up’ll have rough markings on the side that aren’t the product of water wear, but rather falling from the sky.

It’s essentially a crystal made from the minerals of an airborne explosion of cosmic particles.

When I obtained my first three pieces of moldavite, I meditated with them over my third eye, in a bandana around my forehead. It was one of the easiest meditations I’ve ever tuned into, and the quickest. My first experience with moldavite made me warm, made my face red...and I later read that when a person first becomes attuned to it that they experience the “Moldavite Flush,” symptoms that were exactly like mine.

While meditating with moldavite I had a couple of incredible experiences, worthy of their own blogs. It wasn’t until a few weeks after that when I got a little overzealous and ran into some...problems.

In the work that I do - with crystals and during psychic readings - it’s incredibly important to remain grounded. High vibrations are great and everything...but not all the time; one has to remain grounded. After using and getting to know moldavite well, I decided that it was time to wear it all the time. I bought a necklace with a moldavite pendant, wrapped in sterling silver. When I decided to wear this crystal full-time, I understood what kind of relationship I was getting myself into. I thought I was ready for it.

But I wasn’t.

In my overzealousness, I found the right piece of moldavite to wear and started to wear it daily. I even slept with it, which caused some intense dreaming...but I can’t say it disturbed my sleep patterns at all.

What it did do - and I found out about after a week of wearing this moldavite pendant - is that it made me sad. Depressed is maybe the right word, maybe it isn’t...but I felt down for a couple days in a way that is really uncharacteristic for me. I feel very blessed that overall I don’t suffer from chronic anxiety or depression, that for the most part my mental state is pretty even keel.

This funk was so severe that it really made me look at the external things in my life that had changed - diet, weather, workload, anything that would weigh heavy on me. And as soon as I figured out it was the stone, I immediately felt better as soon as I removed it.

I was both relieved that I felt better and completely baffled as to why a stone that had such renowned healing and energetic qualities would affect me like that. And then I realized that it was because I became overzealous. Don’t get me wrong, moldavite is a great stone to work with and I still wear my necklace from time to time for a few hours here and there, but for ME it is definitely a stone that I shouldn’t wear all the time. It might be different for you.

The best I could find is that for some people shouldn’t wear it all the time. One article I found said it was the number one stone for Pisces to stay away from and that’s my zodiac! I found that interesting as it seemed to fit - the explanation of the article is that Pisces are naturally intuitive and they like to work alone. I’m not entirely sure how much I buy into that but it’s certainly interesting! Apparently the stone does something to my energetic field when I wear it for extended periods of time...whether that’s because I’m a Pisces or not, I couldn’t tell you. Please remember that this doesn’t mean you’ll have the same response when working with moldavite - one thing is for sure when working with crystals: everyone’s experience is subjective.

I thought it would be wise to share this experience with everyone. I’ve seen this same overzealousness in others who are interested in crystals and want to work with them. Those same people should know that they need to take it easy with moldavite.

Especially if they’re Pisces. :-)

Josh Simonds