Booze Vibrations

I felt it as soon as I crossed the property line, a feeling that grabbed me by the core and seized me with an incredible compulsion:

I wanted to drink.

Little over a week ago, my husband Isaac and I were invited to a friend's house for dinner, games, and a ritual where we remembered and thanked those we have lost. Our friend Cathy lives in Bloomfield, VT, about 40 minutes north of where we live. We drove there a few days after Halloween, an incredible drive through desolate, haunted country. Incredible buildings and landscapes surrounded us as we made our way north. As soon as we turned into the driveway and I could see Cathy’s house, I was overtaken with an incredible urge to drink alcohol. It was such an incredible urge I mentioned it to Isaac as soon as we pulled into the driveway.

I'd never been to this house before and I'm never overtaken with an urge to drink alcohol.

In the past 18 months to two years, I've drank about 3 times, and only a couple drinks at most. That's why this was so peculiar - I was just overtaken with this urge to drink much so that I told people about it as soon as I walked into the house, and I wanted to know where the nearest store was so I could go buy something to drink.

Mentioning this to the people who were already there, another friend of Cathy’s then took me downstairs and said "Let me show you why you have the urge to drink." Down in the basement was Cathy's father's old bar, filled with nostalgic signs, clocks, bottles, and even an old jukebox. There was a large glass case of unopened antique nips, those little bottles of liquor. This was a true vintage man cave. The furniture was nice, it was cozy yet spacious, and it gave me the impression of stepping back in time at least 50 years. I even had to walk through an arbor gateway covered in fake green vines on the arches over the entryway to this homemade bar.

So fascinating! This bar, this vintage celebration of all things alcohol, this deep reverence of a time and culture almost faded to memory, was something I picked up on as soon as I left the road and turned into the driveway. It was like a switch was flipped as soon as I entered the property and crossed the boundary line. As a psychic medium and energy worker I guess there’s no surprise that I would pick up on the vibrations of this place, but as I’m still getting a grasp on all of my newfound gifts & abilities, it’s still shocking to have incredible moments of clarity and synchronicities like this happen.

And this is one of the reasons why I’m so thankful for this life - it’s like every day is an episode of the Twilight Zone. This experience left me with so many questions - what if the bar wasn’t there when I visited, what if there were new owners and they had it removed...would I still have felt the vibrations of the place? I could tell you it wasn’t a ghostly energy of a person, but more of a memory, a how many places have I visited in my life where there wasn’t a physical marker of events but I was picking up on the memories left there?

The evening was wonderful. A great meal with friends old and new, a ritual of remembrance of those who have passed, and of course...a few drinks. As I drank my hard apple cider it felt like I was making a remembrance of the space and those who had come before. Yes, we went to the store to buy some drinks, and as I opened my first one in the kitchen, I poured out a little in the drain as a remembrance to the previous owner and his shrine.

As I could feel the energies of the place weren’t truly ghostly, but more of a deep, vibrational imprint in the walls, I could also feel that there wasn’t really any sign of abuse, or overindulgence. I had the impression that my friend’s father, the previous owner of this house and the builder of this man cave, simply enjoyed a good drink and the culture around it. If he was an alcoholic, which I didn’t think he was, he was a functioning one, and a very good one at that.

As we move into the holidays, I’d ask that you pay attention to the vibrations of the places you’re in. What are the memories? Can you pick up on them? Do you even want to?

Imagine the homes you’ve visited where there’s been a lot of laughter and joy - you’ll feel it emanating from the walls. The same is true for angry and emotional households...over time that energy seeps into the walls and you can almost taste it when you’re in those areas.

As you move through the holiday season, you may want to pay attention to the spaces you’re in. If you expect to be in a volatile family situation over the holidays, I always suggest a nice, cleansed piece of black tourmaline or smoky quartz...maybe even obsidian or bloodstone...a solid, cool, dark stone for you to hold and work with. As you can pick up on the vibrations of a place, you can also pick up on the vibrations of other people...we’ll never escape that as humans.

And nor should we want to! That ability of ours to connect to other humans negatively also gives us the ability to connect to other humans positively! It’s all in knowing which energy you’re around and recognizing it for what it is and how it’s making you feel. The holidays are a wonderful time to connect with all of those we love, and a dark stone in your pocket or hand will help to negate the negative emotions and vibrations coming from certain individuals, but still allow the love and warm feelings to come through to you. There are also a number of breathing exercises, herbal remedies, mantras, etc to help you with situations like these, but I love crystals and how they work quickly for us.

So enjoy the holidays, and if the passion to drink comes upon you, recognize those feelings for what they are and where they come from. And if you decide to have a drink or three, do it safely.

And pour a little out for your ancestors.

They’re with you, you know.

Josh Simonds